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Corfe Castle

Corfe Castle

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Car parking

Get there early in peak season as the NT carpark is small and very popular with walkers as well as visitors to the castle


Located at the NT visitor centre (at the car park) and in the teas-rooms.

Tea Rooms

Good selection of cakes and cream-teas. Some garden seating available overlooking the castle.

Gift Shop

Situated a few yards away from the castle entrance in the village.

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This structure is perhaps one of the most recognised in Dorset and for good reason. Its defensive position, perched high on a hill, provided a natural oversite of the surrounding area and was intended to repel any sea based invaders from reaching the rich trading port of Wareham. Despite it now being a ruin the castle still dominates its surroundings and offers an inspirational form to so many writers, artists and daydreamers. Visitors will always enhance their experience by learning of the castle's turbulent past and the people that helped to build it and ultimately bring about its demise.

The castle was owned by the Bankes family since 1635 and it was bequeathed to the National Trust in 1982 along with a large estate, including the family house of Kingston Lacey near Wimborne. The castle was originally purchased by Sir John Bankes who was the Attorney General to Charles I.

During the English Civil War the castle was attacked, and due to Sir John Bankes being away on duty at York, Lady Mary Bankes held the defence (she was referred to as "Brave Dame Mary"). Two sieges took place with the Parliamentary 'Roundheads' attacking, the first in 1643 led by Sir Walter Erle, and the second 1645 by Sir Anthony Ashley-Cooper. Despite weeks of cannon fire and everything else the attackers could muster the castle held firm. The eventually downfall of this impenetrable structure was through the treachery of a certain Colonel Pitman in the castle's garrison. He secretly agreed with the Roundheads that he would gain safe passage from the castle in exchange for him facilitating its downfall. Colonel Pitman fooled Lady Bankes in believing that he would travel to Somerset for reinforcements. On is return he brought 100 men disguised as Royalists who were in reality Cromwellians from Weymouth. The party gained entrance to the castle then they began the attack, opening the gates to the large forces waiting outside its walls. As a fascinating turn of events the besiegers, who must have been in admiration of Lady Bankes and her garrison to leave the castle unharmed, they then looted and stripped its walls. Gunpowder was then brought in to break this formidable stronghold down, but so strong were the walls it reportedly took several months to make any serious damage!

Visitors can still see large chunks of the walls scattered down the hillside where they have lain since the Roundheads charges were lit.


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